August Baby

Everyone loves newborns, right?

As a mom, sometimes I just stop and think about how my babies are now so big - how I treasure the memories and images I have from when they were so fresh, new, tiny, sleepy (!!), and helpless. I wish I could capture that feeling in a series of images for every single new mom out there - it's so incredibly precious and fleeting! Before you know it they're potty trained, running around with the big kids, talking, going to school, driving, moving out...

I take the privilege of capturing the new-ness of these babies so seriously. I LOVE that I get to do this, I LOVE cuddling and rocking these precious little ones, and I LOVE that I have clients and friends who trust me to deliver timeless memories to them in form of beautiful images they'll cherish forever.

Here is sweet little baby girl (whom I won't name for privacy reasons).....brand new, sweet as can be, and put up with all of my moving her around, swaddling her up, and even dealt with my (loud) assistants like a champ! :)

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