Visiting from Nashville

What do you do when you're visiting SWFL from out of state? You schedule professional family photos on the beach at sunset, of course!

Now, how would you react if your husband (or parent, or get the idea) broke his arm the DAY BEFORE your scheduled session??

This family handled it like CHAMPS. I seriously was so impressed. Their (almost) exact words were - "this is real life, this is what happened, and it is what it is! This is the memory from this trip, and it's how we will remember it. It's all good."


What an encouragement to me, to embrace life's hiccups, take things as they come, and remember that it's always "real life" - that's what I want captured! Of course we all love the picture-perfect moment, the gorgeous (cooperative weather) sunset, smiling kids, coordinated outfits (thanks, Pinterest!)....and as your photographer, I'm here to deliver that to you! Even though this huge cast was in all of their images - I'm so glad they embraced the situation and made the best out of it. I really think this family got some ADORABLE memories, if I do say so myself! Thanks, Fort Myers Beach for showing off with a gorgeous sunset.